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Christy Keeling

Has been practicing
Family Law in
San Luis Obispo County since 1993

Due to concerns arising from the Covid-19 virus, mediation will now be conducted via virtual conferencing with Zoom or by telephone. Please email for more information.


let me help you make the
best decisions on
the process

Don't allow Litigation to turn your Divorce into personal Disaster.

"Litigation is a declaration of war on your spouse, causing damage to your WEALTH, WELL-BEING and FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS for years beyond the final judgement."

There is a better way

Resolve your marriage status through
the process of

Mediation or Collaborative Divorce


•   A less costly and scaled approach to
        divorce for spouses who are needing
        guidance on custody, visitation,
        support and division of assets.
•   Christy Keeling will guide you through
        the process and help both of you
        reach a fair, equitable and
        Agreed Upon settlement.
•   Avoids hearings, trials and all court
        expenses except filing fees.
•   Remember, in a litigated divorce it is
        a Judge who decides the outcome, not you.


•   Just as in litigation, each spouse has their
        own attorney without going to court.
•   A process of divorce that uses
        a well managed Cooperative approach
        rather than an Adversarial approach.
•   Participating Attorneys are trained in the
        process of Cooperative Resolution and to
        avoid the practice of personal destruction.
•   There are no costly hearings or trails.
•   No court fees other than basic filing fees.
•   This process is used State Wide and is
         recognized as one of the best ways to
         uncouple your marriage without the
         destructive effects of adversarial
•   For more information on Collaborative Practice,
         please vist SLO CPG.

"I look forward to helping you navigate these stressful times.
Let's discuss your divorce solutions with a consultation.
Please call or e-mail to arrange a meeting"

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